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Review of "The New Zealand Dream The Seeds are Sown."

This is a biography of vignettes from the viewpoint of a woman who is telling her story of growing up in New Zealand. Things go from great to worse as her life spirals into a world of being poor, fighting, divorce, drugs, and alcohol that affect her entire family. Parts of it hint at a brighter future. Be prepared to be up close and personal to life in the 1980s in New Zealand’s poor areas and how attitude affects lives.

Review of The New Zealand Dream Growth and Destruction

In this volume of memories, the author continues to tell of her life as it spirals out of control through her teen years and adult life. Through pregnancy and marriages affected by tempers, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and physical abuse she manages to survive. Trying to stay afloat as a poor person in New Zealand is difficult, although she does hang on to her belief in God and her dreams. She tries to make her life better by taking classes and learning all she can to help herself have a better life. It is my hope in the upcoming third volume her life will finally find its way out of the darkness into the light.

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