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Updated: Mar 7

Guest writer for "The NZDream" blog

The weather is gloomy here today. Not harsh or too cold, just in between, absent the sun’s smile. I woke up early, with my head circling on corruption. To me, corruption translates to bribe-taking police officers, service by recognition - in government institutions and monopolization, enriching those bent on reaping from the poor. I know everyone has their own opinions and stands, which makes it even more exciting for me to ask the questions plaguing my mind.

I personally know only as far as crooked merchants and shopkeepers tipping scales; monopolization and; Grassroot level corruption. Police taking bribes; evidence getting lost; preferential treatment. From the minutest levels and forms of corruption-perpetrated by mere nobodies against nobodies. Then there is the highest, more complicated, and complex corruption. Governments versus the people, governments, and governments, and even some big corporations. These are barely in the public eye and knowledge, though they directly and adversely affect the majority. Deals involving high-ranking officials and institutions–spread out like the deck of cards they play, as the few select deliberately, on poker tables.

Corruption spreads like a veld fire and is literally everywhere. To the extent we accept and adhere, as if rightful and righteous. Even with donations, gifts, and contributions, corruption does not shy away or find empathy. Greedy hands reach in and scoop from those coffers meant for the poor. They horde through silver tongues and sly ways, riches, and glory. They reap where they did not sow, cheating the poor out of the little they have.

This brings me to today’s rant. In this total trip, I took today; I landed on the bigger political deals that you and I know not of. The bigger than us kinda corruption. I was not wondering about the forms and results. Instead, I am more drawn to the discussions about the biggest corruptions and subjugation deals. The actual content of the talks. I let my mind soar painfully overacts, words and deeds of our politicians.

Have you ever wondered what type of negotiations and discussions go on, when state heads meet? My mind goes wild on these things. How do you think these politicians, the corrupt ones, bargain and make deals? I have asked myself numerous times, and come up with different imaginations every time. Do you think they hold up their people’s interests and argue their suits off? Or maybe they put their heads together and observed democracy? Or do you think, like me, that we are merely chess pieces, pawns to be particular, working and dying to protect and further ‘Queens’, in a game we don’t even know we are part of?

I always imagine the conversations to be weird because some of the results and proclamations that manifest suggest so. Have you ever imagined how a loan is brokered by someone who has a whole nation at his disposal? Two heads of state, clashing heads over international trade and other deals. I always imagine the weirdest of negotiations, which somehow would probably seem normal to the parties, though out of this word and absurd for the rest of us.

“So, you want a loan? It’s all good, I will need collateral “, Country 1. (as if the National Treasury is their personal account)

Oh, that’s no issue. I have blah provinces, with manpower and business opportunities ready to explore. My cabinet will approve. They are my mates. How about you hold on to that for a year, do as you will with it? “, Country 2. (without consideration to the people resident and how it will affect their lives)

More like selling your home, with your kids in it!

“What do you need the money for? “, Country 1.

A mansion here, a hotel there, feed the fam and then patch up one or two things for the people with the change”, Country 1. (personal gain and unjustified enrichment)

Or maybe,

We can move to this new place, I discovered. It has people, but they don’t matter! We can just take over and take what’s theirs, for our own. (ignorance and superiority complex)

Do you think that they even consider the people that live within these lands they gamble with? Or they merely ignore, in tandem with the darkness of their hearts, and celebrate suppression and oppression of peoples, for the benefit of a few?

It’s the same wonder I have when I visit slavery. I imagine the conversations that drive corruption are as awkward as it must have been to sell a human being off, as an item, negotiating discounts, breakages, and returns…

That’s my bone of contention for the day and my two cents!

Am I the only one who thinks these things? Are my thoughts misplaced? Oh, help me answer!

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