Love is Pure, By Jeanie White

Updated: Apr 11

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I have learned in my 35 years of life that you can judge no one for how they live their life and you can change no one who doesn't want to change. People have tried to change who I am for most of my life, but I allowed no one to dictate or control how I lived. When I was a kid, my mom hated me hanging out with the "dirty kids" and always tried to tell me not to play with them, but I never cared what people thought, they were my friends and I loved them like family. They didn't always have, but it never bothered me because I had and I never minded sharing with my friends. It was never a one-way street though because if I didn't have, they helped me out. To this day I still hang with the "fewer desirables" the ones society turns its back on. These people have seen good and bad times, they have survived hardships most only see on tv, they do not fear their past but embrace it as a lesson, I trust these people, my friends, more than I trust others because they have never lied to me or turned their back on me. They have never tried to turn me into a person I cannot be.

It is funny when I think back now because I can see how so many tried to change my character, trying to change my heart, but I learned from a young age that I was in control of my life and no one could tell me differently. No matter how hard my family, the school, or society tried, I would never change my heart. I may have dark days but even when I am at my lowest I can still be there for those who need a friend. That's who I am, it is who I have always been. Some consider me mean or heartless, even a bit*h at times because I refuse to hide my true feelings and I speak my mind and the truth I see. I see beyond the masks people hide behind because I feel like that's what people want others to do, even if they don't say it or get mad when you expose them for who they are. If the truth hurts, then maybe that's a sign that you need to change. I mean, isn't that just common sense. We all need to walk a mile in someone else's shoes and stop judging those who live life by their own standards and not our own. Stop judging and trying to change those who don't believe as you do.

From the mouth of my great-grandma boots, "Heaven is through the hearts of those who have followed their own paths and not the path that so many walk. You can go to church and pray every night, but if your heart isn't pure, you will never see the stars in heaven. To be pure, you must think of others and be kind to everyone. You must help those in need of help, even if it means giving up your possessions and living as the poor man does. To heal, you must feel. Free will has no price but when free will is lost everything will have a cost." In short, following the crowd will cause you to get lost in the darkness, even if you have a candle to light the way.

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