Let's fight against the war! Ruberica from Italy

Updated: Mar 9

Guest writer for "The NZDream" blog "Let’s fight against the war!" by Elisabetta Somaglia

We always hear about wars in the World, but they are far from us and we don’t really realize. We don’t really understand the reasons for the different parts, right or wrong they are.

I think there is never an only reason that brings to war, but I’m sure there are always the following ones:

- a sense of power, of supremacy,

- greed for money,

- the desire for richness.

There are also some things you always find but they are just excuses, only pretexts that allow you to start the war: religion, sense of the history of a people.

The problem is that in certain moments, nobody stops thinking. Everyone takes sides of one or the other, avoiding to reflect, avoiding to identify with, to empathize.

Now we have the war close to, in Europe, we feel it as a war of ours, and the situation changes a lot.

We understand more; we are afraid; we think to help; we send clothes and food, someone is at disposal to fight too. Another time, we don’t understand that war is for everyone, from one side to the other. Soldiers, apart from some volunteers, are boys, men like us. We side for a state, but on the other side, there are boys like our brothers, our sons, our friends who fight for an aim. Maybe they don’t believe in it, but they must do.

I abhor war! There is not enough reasonable motive to start fighting, so inside a family, there is no reason to punch each other. Dialogue, discussion, and talking solve all the problems between reasonable people.

To identify with others, to empathize, and to love must win overall!


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