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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Rubrica from Italy

Elizabetta Somaglia and Elise Brooke bring to you this article series.


By Elisabetta Somaglia Author


By Elisabetta Somaglia Author

LOVE THE LIFE, LOVE YOURSELF! By Elisabetta Somaglia Author.

In this particular period, a year now, of conviction with a pandemic which no one expected, we can sum up the attitudes encountered in different people.

Having an always positive outlook on life and being convinced that in every situation we must take what it teaches us, I mistakenly thought that anyone would become more available to others, more inclined to love the little things.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. Some people have brought out aggression towards others and nastiness that they have probably been carrying inside for a long time and that the pandemic has only brought out.

It is therefore right to ask why. Why do some people fail to see life in a positive way? Why, as we say in Italy, do they always see the glass half empty? I think they are people who were not taught as children to look at the positive sides of situations, perhaps with punishments instead of explanations in case of mistakes. I firmly believe that we must work on children, giving them great self-confidence, even when they make mistakes.

And we adults first should understand that life is beautiful and always worth living. We should understand that there is no going back from mistakes and therefore the only positive thing to do is to learn from them. Each of us is beautiful inside, has our own physical and mental characteristics that characterize us. Each of us has the right to happiness. We must accept ourselves, love ourselves and expect to be loved for what we are, always respecting others, of course!

Love each other! Love yourself! Love life, which is a precious gift!

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