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Updated: Jan 27

Welcome to My World

of Unexpected Life Experiences!

My midlife unraveling (which included ending a 24-year marriage), coincided with a call to study depth psychology. I had no idea what the heck I'd do with a MA/PhD education, but I knew it was the answer to something, so I called it expensive therapy for a while.

Five years later, I left my Midwest hometown and my young adult children with only what could fit in my car and drove down to a beach town in Florida. One week later, I defended my PhD research about women’s experience of reconciling sexuality and spirituality by zoom in my unfurnished apartment.

How did I deal with the anxiety of starting a new life during the initial months of COVID? I started writing a memoir, which could include all the juicy details about my own second coming of age, sexually and spiritually. And I wrote my first short story—The Fantasy.

Now in my mid-fifties, I'm a coach, an author, a sharer of stories, and a teacher of how to decode the mysterious messages sent by your Soul through the unconscious.

My recent #1 New Release on Amazon (books on psychology education and training) is like having me right there with you as you explore the messages being sent by your own Soul. If you’re into books on Soul, psychology, dreams, Jungian psychology, or need a framework to get through a difficult time, you’ll love Your Soul is Talking. Are You Listening? 5 Steps to Uncovering Your Hidden Purpose. Check out the reviews.

When you subscribe to my email list, you’ll get about two newsletters per month, which include links to blog posts inspired by my midlife journey and introductions to other authors and coaches. My short videos on Instagram encourage people to reflect on everyday life. You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter, become my friend on Facebook, or check me out on Linked In.

I’m sharing one of my most popular blog posts here to give you a taste of my writing style. Enjoy My Children Kicked Me Out of the Nest.

Finally, if you’re looking for individual coaching that offers a framework for decoding the mysterious language of the unconscious, check out my services and see what my clients have to say about working with me.

Here’s to a peacefully productive 2022!


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