Introducing Amrita Valan guest poster.

Amrita is "The NZDream" blog's new monthly guest poster; Here is her bio,

Amrita Valan is a writer from India and the mother of two boys. She has a master's degree in English Literature and has written poems, essays, and short stories on a gamut of subjects including friendship, love parting, grief, and sorrow. She has worked in the hospitality industry, BPO industry, and her last job was as a content writer in deductive logic and reasoning in English.

Here are two of her poems;

Love Poem

Look at me with eyes of love

Wipe my age lines with vanishing cream

Gaze upon me with all my flaws

As if I'm still the young girl

Of your dreams

Let me gaze on you with eyes of love

Wipe away the tears you're loath to shed

Let our eyes make love with fond contact

Praise heaven we met, here we are dead

The hair grows scarce around your greying pate

With love's fingers, I fondle my lover's head

Soft and fuzzy my feelings glow

On the fringe of divinity lovers wed

Wipe away hard years with candid tears

My love my life my friend my guide

Kiss my soul through lips conduit

Eternal groom to your dewy bride.

Let's walk outdoors towards old haunts

Fields, woods, and copses

The old ice-cream stand

Kiss me tender kiss me blind

Forgive age's onslaught, true love is blind

The world spins around chasing its elusive tail

Lovers heal it with happy ever after tales

We hold hands and stand over the bridge of time

Sweet contract signed in heavenly climes

This love will never break our hearts

Pain will always be its part

In hope and trust, this truth, we accept

Grace was shared in our faithful pact.

© Amrita Valan 2021


Moon, shiny silverback rodeo rider of lofty clouds

Trapeze artiste extraordinaire swinging from quantum pearls

What spooky entanglement have you with my heart?

Even Cupid cannot compare in casting his darts.

God allowed Selena such playful moods

In serenity, she enveloped the earth

Brought hope to yearning human hearts

Made hearts homes where lovers meet.

Soaked in moonshine, zephyrs flung the magic dappled net

Sylvan silhouettes glimmerings over the foliage

Dense and dark, almond-eyed, the moon gazed

Ripped a hole through time and space

In my eyes reflected fervent sparks

Prayers uttered with an ardent heart.

Keep us close may this love outlast time

May closed eyes spy each other in Siamese dreams

Moonlit chimeras be gold-hued angels bold

Let nothing distract from this conjoined theme.

Keep my love keep safe from harm

O sister moon

Cast enchantment upon my arms

To hold and clasp his palms of gold

To connect and forgive, heal and believe

In contentment together as we grow old.

Let youth's moonlit madness charm old souls,

Still besotted with each other,

we make each other whole

Wild children of the night, moon befuddled souls.

Partake of me what you missed in you

Let me find the puzzle piece so true

From where our portrait slowly grew,

Climax in my joy, let it resonate

Our peaks of ecstasy, elevate.

Moon maddened, love’s incense sets us free

Tonight and forever,

My love, you belong to me,

I belong to thee.

Enchanted moon betrothed lovers, we.

© Amrita Valan 2021

Welcome on board Amrita.

If you would like to write for "The NZDream" blog please email me at

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