Interview with Winnie Tataw; from "Wins books blog"

Tell me a bit about yourself….

Hi, my name is Winnie Tataw! I have had a lifelong love of literature

and art. As a new writer, I want to create beautiful fantasy world(s)

with compelling and intriguing characters. I reside in South

Carolina and am an undergraduate at the College of Charleston. I

love to spread positivity and joy to those around me, and look at

the world through a glittery pink lens.

What genre/s do you write in?

I write young adult, new adult, fantasy, and sci-fi!

How long have you been writing?

I have been writing since middle school or 11!

Do you have any published books or articles? Tell me a bit about these

and what publishing route you took.

Yes, I have self-published three books of my fantasy series "The

Gods’ Scion." The series is a fantasy world set in modern times

dealing with modern-day problems. The series focuses on the life

journey of the main character, Pr