Interview with Stacey Komosinski, by K.C Poitras

Updated: Mar 16

Guest writer for "The NZDream" blog

Please allow me to introduce Stacey Komosinski, an author, reader & lover of Contemporary Romance! I have the pleasure of featuring her in a few weeks in Turning the Page - my online book club! But the real pleasure was learning more about her and her upcoming new release when I connected with her recently.

Here’s what she had to say:

When did you decide to become an author?

I started writing in January 2020, after toying with the idea for almost ten years. My first attempt at writing was in my mid-thirties when I wrote down the stories of my online dating experiences. I wish I still had the file… they would make good rom-com stories!

What genre do you write?

I write slow-burn contemporary romance. I call my style of writing "sweet heat." It is the development of a romantic relationship built on mutual love and respect, culminating in a powerfully passionate love story. I write about realistic, healthy relationships that bolster someone emotionally and support their life goals.

How many books do you have published?

I have published one short story prequel and two full-length novels. My third full-length novel is coming out in two weeks.

What does your everyday routine look like?

I am a full-time supply chain professional for an animal health company. I write during my free time. Most days go like this: Wake up around 6:00 AM, get my kids up and out the door. I spend 30-60 minutes working on author-related activities such as social media, email, launch prep, or writing. I work an eight-hour day from my house, then go for a walk with my daughters. Then I write and make dinner. After a family dinner in front of the TV (haha) my husband cleans up so I can write until 9:30. Then it’s relaxing time and bedtime. On the weekends, I usually can fit in two or more hours of writing. My family is very supportive, giving me quiet time to write!

Tell us about your upcoming release…

My release on March 24th is the third book in my debut series: Finding Happiness in Harmony. The series follows three best friends through the turbulence of life and love. This book is Jess’ love story. She is the fierce protector of the three, always having the backs of her best friends. Finding You Complete Me is an expected guardian, small town, slow-burn romance with the town doctor.


After gaining unexpected guardianship of her niece, Jessica Taylor moves to the small town of Harmony, Texas, to be near her best friends with the hopes of starting over. Without any future plans, insecurity is at an all-time high when the gorgeous town doctor is drawn to her for just that reason: he’s tired of his perfectly planned life practicing and researching rural medicine.

Considering her newly acquired single mother status, no job prospects, and no home to call her own, Jessica Taylor is anxious to get her derailed life back on track. Meeting and falling for Dr. Logan Meyers isn’t part of her plan, but who cares when his emerald eyes and kisses pack a punch strong enough to rock her world?

Logan Meyers spent the last fifteen years focusing on his medical training and research. The newest town resident with her mile-long legs and honey-brown eyes that speak volumes might be just what the doctor ordered to spark some excitement in his otherwise dull life.

With all the flirty fun between Jess and Logan comes unexpected twists and turns that test the strength of their newly laid plans and relationship. Will their sizzling chemistry stay hot through the curveballs life throws them?

When does it launch?

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Where can we get it?

Paperback and eBook on Amazon ->

Thank you, Stacey, for allowing me to dive into your life and your books! I can’t wait to read Finding You Completes Me. Good luck on launch day, I’ll be there cheering you on.

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