Interview with Katherine Soto; Author

Tell me a bit about yourself….

Let me introduce myself. I’m Katherine Soto, a Fantasy writer, and

soon-to-be-published author (late summer 2021). I know writers

make it look easy to be creative every day. We write. It’s in our

heads. We have a muse who will often grab us by the collar and

demand we write. I’m here to change the idea that only writers and

artists are allowed to be creative. Throw that idea out of your head.

You are creative, too.

I share simple creative ideas on my blog to help anyone with

Creating New Worlds.

I also share my publishing news and updates about my writing and

art so we can celebrate together as I create new worlds.

My Bio

Katherine E. Soto is a talented writer, who discovered her passion for

writing when she was a young high school student. After graduating,

college with an Anthropology Degree in 1985. She worked for years

as a special education teacher, and then finally retired in 2013. A few.

years later, Katherine got an amazing idea that she turned into a

fantasy book. This led Katherine to focus on her love for writing.