Interview with Iwan Dartha; Author

What makes a good story and how to deal with writer's block

I was born on 10th March in Bandung, WestJava, Indonesia. Started learning to write poetry, short story, and other literary works since in Junior School. My education background is Magister Degree in Management. I'm a poet as registered in a Poets Directory Book (Who'sWho Indonesian Poets). I have worked for Holland America Line Inc. based in New York, US. I have worked for Indonesia Embassies in different times and countries. When I worked in Embassies, one of my main jobs was writing (nonfiction) - for the draft of daily, weekly, monthly, and annually investigated reports on all aspects of political, economic, defense, social, in the accredited countries to the Government of Indonesia. Back in Indonesia, I worked for International NGO while also teaching in a University as a part-time Lecturer for the subjects of English Business and Human Resource Management. I have also been employed as HRM Senior Manager by a foreign company in Jakarta. I'm a Writer and Poet and Moderators/Admin in a few global literary groups, Judge for Poetry Planet. I am an Editor for several Poetry Anthology Books, one of them: Soul of Love published by Amazon. Editor in Taifas Literary Magazine, Romania. Founder, Creator, Chief Admin group: The Voice of Poetry. I write in any genre for about 20 years from now. Now I just run a small business, so writing is not my full-time job. I read books a lot if I'm not writing.

There are many solutions to avoiding writer's block. I think these steps will be useful:

• Strive to be consistent with your intentions and determination.

• Meditation or 'deep relaxation' will be useful.

• Refreshing in your own way, for example, taking a leisurely walk in the fresh air.

• Note 'keywords' when there is an idea, trying to develop ideas from those keywords immediately. Every non-fiction or fiction writer has their own way of dealing with this writer's block. Famous writers in the world have also experienced writer's block. They have deposited a draft of their writing for a long time due to writer's block or deliberately postponed.

These steps hopefully will make a good story:

• Write an interesting story

• Avoid Cliches

• Profound Imagination

• Avoid too many sentimentalities

• Choosing concrete or abstract words

• Communicative themes

• Changing the Usual

• Revision

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