Interview with Elise Brooke, by K.C Porter.

Elise Brooke has been writing for over 24 years. Her pen name for her autobiographies is Sheila. From Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, where her parents moved from South Africa and England. Elise prides her work as a means of self-healing. She also likes to help other aspiring authors write their stories. The book New Zealand Dream, The Seeds Are Sown–first in the series is inspired by her own story and indeed is an autobiography. Elise takes us on her journey from her childhood. From living in the country to the suburbs. She talks about the NZ underground, along with how she fought to find herself and the strength to survive.

The New Zealand Dream, Growth and Destruction, book two in the series, continues her journey through her teen and adult years. It is a heartbreaking story about determination during some of the most difficult times. From verbal, physical abuse to the abuse of drugs and alcohol, this author's journey is a tear-jerking one that pulls at the heart in the deepest of ways. I was lucky to have read these books that touched me on so many levels. I’m excited to read her other book “Johnathan” which was published in July 2021. This story is set in Yorkshire, England in the 1940s, written about her dad. A tender story of a boy who tries to find his place in the turmoil of WWII. All are available now on Amazon or Goodreads.

Not only is Elise an accomplished author; she also has other short story publications. Here is her impressive portfolio:

Mentoring at Wellington polytechnic

Short Story & Article publications:

Melissa Desveaux Consulting

Sarah White–True stories well told


Lillian Brummet–Brummets conscious Blog

To name a few… Lastly, Elise also created NZ Dreams blog/newsletter and currently has ten other authors writing for her blog, as well as guest authors.

Let’s hear what she has to say…

What was the biggest challenge for a new author?

Marketing and building your brand.

Who inspired you?

My fiancé and life experience

Tell us something we might not know about you

I am getting married this year

You have the opportunity to give an aspiring author a single piece of advice. What would it be?

Know your target audience and write to them. Writing is a work of art it is your creation and not everyone will love it, and that is ok.

Is there a specific book we can promote here today? If so, send a link. Johnathan eBook: Brooke, Elise, and Richard, Brooke, Richard: Kindle Store

What are you working on now?

I am working on my third and last book in “The New Zealand Dream” series called “Healing and Restoration.”

What do you do when you hit writer's block?

Take a break, clear my mind, do something to trigger thoughts such as listen to certain music, look at pics/photos or watch a movie, certain smells, even trigger and places.

What services do you offer to help fellow authors?

Content writing


Freelance writing


Free interviews and promotion

Add space (to come)

Free resources for subscribers

Information and good reads

Guest writing spots

Free poetry corner

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