Interview with Deanna Martinez-Bey By K.C Poitras

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Deanna Martinez-Bey is one of Amazon's popular authors, with eleven books published to date. Her books have appeared in the top five list for Amazon's new releases.

In her fiction works, Deanna brings her stories to life by creating characters that connect with readers. Her characters strive to make the necessary changes to make themselves better, happier people. Readers connect with her writing style and how her stories uplift, inspire, and provide hope.

In 2020, Deanna wrote and published her first cookbook, which has turned into a series. The Ultimate Guide cookbooks provide direction, tips, tricks, and recipes to perfect certain desserts. These cookbooks tie into her works of fiction. All of her fiction books contain recipes from the story at the end.

Deanna, also known as “the Queen of baking,” intertwines food into all of her books. She has made this part of her brand and is known for her food-related stories and delicious recipes.

She is an advocate against domestic violence and donates her time supporting the cause. A devoted wife, mother, writer, and baker, Deanna and her family live in North Carolina, the state where she makes all the magic happen.

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You can also find her podcast: The Foodie Project


NEW RELEASE: Three Cabins, - a unique story unlike any other stories she has written, captures the heart of others.

Have you noticed that one "over-the-top" mom at school who you know is a stay-at-home mom but always wears makeup, jewelry, and high heels to drop her children off in carpool? You know, the one who looks like she would rather be at happy hour but attends every PTA meeting, event, and volunteer activity? That mom is me, Leaha Singleton. Welcome to my not-so-glamorous life. I have lived this glamorous lie for quite some time now. That is, until a couple of weeks ago. Saying that my past has finally caught up with me is the truth, but an understatement. My life has begun to change! And it all started when I ran upon two secret cabins. The Leaha Singleton roller coaster is on fire, so have a seat and strap yourself in tight.

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