Interview with Deanna Martinez-Bey; By K.C Poitras.

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Deanna Martinez-Bey is one of Amazon's popular authors, with eleven books published to date. Her books have appeared in the top five lists for Amazon's new releases. In her fiction works, Deanna brings her stories to life by creating characters that connect with readers. Her characters strive to make the necessary changes to make themselves better, happier people. Readers connect with her writing style and how her stories uplift, inspire, and provide hope. In 2020, Deanna wrote and published her first cookbook, which has turned into a series. The Ultimate Guide cookbooks provide direction, tips, tricks, and recipes to perfect certain desserts. These cookbooks tie into her works of fiction. All of her fiction books contain recipes from the story at the end. Deanna, also known as" the Queen of baking," intertwines food into all of her books. She has made this part of her brand and is known for her food-related stories and delicious recipes. She is an advocate against domestic violence and donates her time supporting the cause. A devoted wife, mother, writer, and baker, Deanna and her family live in North Carolina, the state where she makes all the magic happen.

1. How did you get into writing, and why? What Genre do you write about?

I started writing short stories and poems as a young girl. I would watch movies or television shows, pick a character I liked, and write short stories about that character. That is how it all began! 2. What was the biggest challenge for a new author? Marketing! Learning how to market yourself and your brand has to be the hardest part. Well, book formatting is a bear to learn as well. 3. Who inspired you? Debbie Macomber and Martha Stewart are my two role models. Martha is the queen of entrepreneurship, and Debbie has a clear writing style like no other. 4. Do your books offer inspiration? What if anything do you hope your books do to help others? All of my fiction works revolve around self-transformation. I hope that they inspire others to make the changes they desire in their lives. As a domestic violence survivor, I always hope my books inspire others to get out and live a healthy life as I have done. 5. I know you offer editing/marketing services as well as cooking/baking. What came first, baking, writing, or services, and how did they all link together? Baking came first. I started my Cottage Bakery many years ago. The first book I ever wrote was a party planning book that contained recipes. Unfortunately, that book has yet to be published. However, I have always loved baking, so I include recipes at the end of each fiction book. This helps to tie my brand together for sure! 6. List of books, sites, services. My website is a great place to visit to see all of the books and services I offer for authors. 7. Tell us something we might not know about you. I love to sleep! If I could choose what I would like to do on any given day, it would be to curl up in bed with my electric blanket and sleep! 8. You have the opportunity to give an aspiring author a single piece of advice. What would it be? Invest in a cover designer and copy editor! People do judge books by their cover. Readers hate errors while reading, which may keep them from reading another one of your books in the future. 9. Is there a specific book we can promote here today? If so, send a link. My new release, Two Girls and an Oven, is now available on Amazon! Two Girls and an Oven, How twelve weeks of cookies saved my life: 10. What are you working on now? I have started teaching Zoom baking classes! I would love for everyone to join me for a class or two! Here is a link to my virtual baking class information: 11: What do you do when you hit writer's block?

I set the project down for a day or three and then get back to it! It works every time!

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