Interview with Author Jade Marshall

1. My pen name is Jade Marshall. I am a South African-born mother of one. I live in the

Northern Cape, in a small mining town called Kathu.

I decided to write under a pen name, not to hide my identity (my mom reads my work) but

because I didn’t think my given name would translate well abroad. I am happily married to

my best friend, whom I met at the age of 16, and we raise our daughter and three dogs, in

relative peace.

2. At the moment I write romance. My first two novels are MC romance which means they

obviously have a crime/thriller twist. My latest release is a shifter romance short story. I

love to write something steamy, but with relatable characters.

3. How long have I been writing? Well, I started drafting and doodling in high school, but only

actually got serious about my writing about six years ago.

4. I have three books currently available, with a fourth being released in June 2021.

My first novel is The Wolf, which is my baby. It has been on the market for just over a year

and is the first book in the Gypsy Bastards MC series. It is the story of Hadley and Brandon

and is about overcoming your fears and moving forward in life no matter the challenges

you’ve had to face

My second novel is The Pope, which is the second book in the Gypsy Bastards MC series. It is the story Of Storm and Colin. It is a second chance romance, about finding your true love

and true direction. It was a very difficult book to write, with tons of turmoil, heartbreak, and

unforeseen circumstances.

My third novel is His Refused Mate, the first book in the Katu Wolves series. I had an idea for

a shifter romance but wanted to keep it a short story. This story is about Peyton and Caine

and finding each other even after intense heartbreak.

All my novels are published through Evernight Publishing

5. My publisher assigns editors to each book they get in. My first two novels were edited by

Audrey Bobak. The third was edited by Jessica Ruth.

6. My publisher employs a book formatter (although I can sadly say I am not sure of this

person's name) and a cover designer. The cover designer for all my work so far is Jay Aheer,

and I love it. She has captured my vision in all my covers, and I couldn’t be happier.

7. When I decided to submit my work, I wanted to join a company. Being from South Africa, I

really wanted to be able to breach the market and get my work to as many people as

possible. I submitted to two companies that I really wanted to work with. The first company

declined, but Evernight Publishing asked that I revise and resubmit. They assisted me,

showing me where to add, and where to hold back. It took me over a year, but I did

resubmit and was signed.

8. A ton of the marketing goes through Evernight Publishing, but I do a lot myself as well. I have an ARC team, utilize a ton of social media, all the reading platforms such as Goodreads,

Bookbub etc.

9. I do not have an agent, and wouldn’t know where to start about getting one.

10. I tend to be on most social media sites. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads, Bookbus, and probably a couple more.

11. I haven’t utilized any paid promotions, but would look into something like that in the future.

There is a ton of stuff that I would like to get up and running first.

12. I do have a website, although I would like to someday (soon) get a professional to redesign it for me.

13. Inspiration for me, strikes mostly at night, just before I fall asleep, which is so irritating. I

tend to write what I know, whether from personal experience, reading, or research.

14. I actually started the Katu Wolves series to get over my writer block. I needed to take a step back from the characters in the GBMC to get a clear perspective. I also read a ton to just get my head cleared of my own characters.

15. I am a pantser in the highest degree. I do very little plot planning or anything like that. I sit down in the office, or my husband's bar, and just start writing. I will then leave it for a couple of days, read it over, and continue from there, repeating the process until I have a completed novel.

16. Writing is not my full time job, but hopefully I will be someday soon. At the moment I am

my husband's admin lady / CCTV technician.

17. I have three current WIPs. The first is The Dog, which is book three of the GBMC and will be the story of Kaiya and Bohdi. The second is Not his Mate, which will continue the Kaatu

wolves series and the third is an unknown work in progress that is totally off my usual


18. My target audience would be romance readers. Preferably people with few to no triggers

toward violence, as I do use a ton of it in my work.

19. My first novel took five years to write. But at the moment it takes me anywhere between

three and six months to be satisfied with a novel before I submit it.

20. Writing has always been fun for me. Creative writing was one of my favorite subjects in High school.

21. I usually write over weekends. Mostly Saturdays, unless we have other plans. If we are

having a slow day at work, I might squeeze an hour or two in as well.

22. My family is very supportive. My mom has an immense love for reading and passed that on to me. She purchases and reads all my work and always gives me honest feedback. My

husband doesn’t read (at all) but he loves boasting about me and my work to anyone that

will listen. My daughter, at fifteen, can't wait until she is old enough to start reading my

work, which terrifies me to no end, but I love the support.

23. When I am not writing, I tend to read. I also spend a ton of time playing Call of Duty with my husband and trying to improve my terrible cooking skills.

24. I find inspiration everywhere. Movies, tv shows, other books. But my major inspiration is

music. I will be listening to a random song on youtube or on the radio, and a whole scene will

build around it in my head.

25. A good story has a hook. Something that pulls you in and keeps you invested. It doesn't

matter what the genre is, a good hook will keep readers coming back for more

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