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Updated: Feb 20

Guest writer for "The NZDream" blog

I had the pleasure of reading and chatting with Felicity Rose, an erotic romance author. Her debut novel, “The Real Thing,” is her only published work right now. It offers a powerful love story, packed with emotions and steamy scenes. It is easy to fall in love with her characters. Her writing style uniquely shares with her audience her talent in tastefully written erotica. It has been with great pleasure, getting to know Felicity, if you’re not sure about “erotica,” as I wasn’t sure. I recommend this book for a test run! It won’t disappoint, the storyline was so well done; I rarely considered any of the erotic scenes when reading this amazing novel. Felicity told me she has the desire to branch out. She’s had a supernatural thriller rattling around her brain.

Let’s hear what she has to say:

1. Are you currently working on a WIP? I just finished the first draft of the sequel. I am going into my first round of editing before it goes out to my beta readers. There will be news coming soon.

2. What’s your favorite part of being a writer? The feeling of being able to share my stories, and hearing people are feeling drawn into the world that I have created, is the best feeling ever. I was reading before I went to school and have lost myself in many fictional worlds.

3. Who inspired you? At around 17 years old, I had a book free with a magazine. That book was Fen by Freya North. I read it in one day and felt the need to tell my mum about it. She disappeared and came back with a grin on her face and another book by Freya North. Pip. We researched Freya and found that she had quite the collection of published work and made our way through it quickly. These days, we eagerly anticipate each new release. I have one on pre-order as we speak. I reached out to Freya North on social media before I released my book and was absolutely enthralled when she responded with fantastic words of encouragement. Freya North is my inspiration.

4. What’s the one piece of advice would you give to a new writer or someone thinking about becoming a writer? Start social media pages, join writing groups and speak to as many indie authors as you can. I have made some fantastic friends, having been through the same things that you will. I have to say that people in the indie book community, readers, writers, bloggers, editors or PA's, are the nicest people you could ever talk to. They are supportive and, between them, they have all the knowledge you could ever need.

5. Where can we stalk you?

Facebook - (1) Felicity Rose | Facebook

Instagram - Felicity Rose (@felicityrosebooks) • Instagram photos and videos

TikTok - @felicityrose513

Twitter - @Felicityrosebks

My website -

The Real Thing

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Saskia Matthews has been everywhere and done it all. She’s been in love more times than she could even count. The problem is this is only in her book world. James Edwards, the hottie at the local deli, is the eye candy everyone needs while ordering their lunch. Gorgeous as he is, he’s out of her reach until, one day, she plucks up the courage to talk to him. Is he what she really wants, though? He’s certainly not her usual type. Quickly she realizes you should never judge a book by its cover as he takes her deep into her darkest fantasies, awakening her body and opening her eyes to a world she has never seen before. Surely this is the real thing…isn’t it?



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