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Author Nya Ando

Life inspires me, with all its ups and downs, struggles, and light. Human nature

Inspires me, too. The way one lives, loves, thinks, expresses himself is pure magic

and deserves to be appreciated in a book.

I was born in a small town in the mountains. I'm the second of three kids. I never had

a dream; yet, becoming a doctor was my ambition. I now live in Athens, Greece. I've

always been a FANATICAL reader. I remember myself hiding a flashlight and a book

under my pillow to continue reading after Grandma turned the light off and

expected me to fall asleep. I always loved books - all of them in any genre. There is

no such thing as an under-appreciated book; they all deserve time and appreciation.

I write for 10 hours a day but always find time to read. Now, writing is a way of life

for me. I'm never tired enough to stop writing. Writing not just energizes me, it

thrills me. I remember myself being excited with all the papers I needed to write in

all the years of high school (and being mocked by my classmates for that).

I'm a graduated fashion designer and one step from my bachelor's degree in Law

Studies. Creative writing has been my hobby since I was a kid. Last four years it has

become a way of life. Why don't we all do what we actually love?

I live in Eu