How do hobbies help us? By Snehashree

Updated: Feb 20

Guest writer for "The NZDream" blog

Hobbies are a great way to release boredom. Hobbies can fill the space in your heart with something new and light. Often, hobbies are not uncomplicated but still, they seem easier than our dreary jobs. Climbing a mountain or hiking on weekends consumes as much energy as our work, but then, we enjoy doing it and that’s what makes it easier.

Imagine those who prefer gardening as their hobby! Plowing the soil, making the soil right for different kinds of plants, sowing the seeds, and finally caring for the plant, flowers, and fruits is quite a mighty task. But, those who practice it as a hobby never feel low and every day they slowly scale up. Hobbies have, therefore, been encouraged and practiced throughout different cultures over the years.

But why does the same work when done as a job differ when done as a hobby?

It is due to our psychological built and also the fact that something which we have created cannot influence our psyche in that proportion. We have created money and we earn money from our work. So it does not serve as our real motivator.

Real motivation comes from those intangible emotions that we can only experience but not create. The joy that we feel after pursuing our hobbies comes from this sense of joy and fulfillment we feel within ourselves.

But, then some people may debate, do we not feel joy when we earn for ourselves and our families?

Yes, we do feel joyous, but that joy is just our survival need, and when we have met our survival needs, we mostly feel relieved of the stress we had been living all through. We don’t feel joyful; we feel less stressed, and we often mistake it with joy.

When it comes to hobbies, you can check my course that talks extensively about how poetry can become a hobby. It stems from the fact that there are various types of hobbies that people practice. Some of them are our common daily jobs that people ordinarily pursue in daily life. Other kinds of hobbies are rare activities that people do not practice daily, like collecting rare and old coins. Different people gain different levels of satisfaction and contentment when pursuing a hobby.

So, in this course, I talk more about how one can pursue a hobby of writing poetry and how, among hobbies, writing poetry is one of those hobbies that can help you in many ways.

What hobbies do you practice?

Have you ever done something that has filled you with a sense of pure joy?

Well, if you have done something, then you will know that it is a feeling that can erase or eliminate many other negative and bad feelings from your heart and mind. You feel motivated again to continue with your life’s chores and rigmaroles.

Some people say life is nothing but just an empty drum hanging from a pole and vibrating in the wind. What we think is our sound is, in fact, the wind.

Some others say it is we who exist from the end to the very beginning. It is we who live our dreams in the way we must. Every moment it is we who exist and survive, who move from one birth to another. We are the doer and not the wind.

These are basic philosophical schools. No matter whichever school of thought you follow, you can still learn a lot in your process of thinking from your hobbies.

So, practice your hobby and fill yourself with joy and happiness.

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