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Updated: Mar 24

Guest writer for "mynzdream" blog

My *new* way of book publishing

Hi, readers and writers alike! My name is Winnie Tataw, a three-time self-publish fantasy author. I have started writing the fourth book and the Gods' Scion series. I'm so excited to start this new chapter, literally. But this time around, I'm doing things differently in my book publishing process.

Out with the old in with the new

This time around, I'm getting my audience more involved—everything from my draft to editing to book naming to the release. I want you guys, my readers, and my audience to have some hand in it. I also want to be sharing tips, struggles, achievements I go through, and this book writing to the publishing process.

You need to engage with your audience.

I noticed that as I wrote a book; I didn't incorporate who the book was for. I mean the reader; I didn't engage with them until it was time to release the book cover, book video, or book publishing date. So, I want to focus on engaging the readers and viewers and hopefully getting more excited and interested in the book series and my writing work process.

In the last year, I've gained more followers, readers, authors, but of course, I always want to reach out to more people, connect with more people and inspire more people. So, I plan to be more open, honest, and transparent about the writing and self-publishing processes. I know I've talked about how I write or how I create my stories or ideas in the past. I want to focus on engaging and, in some ways, marketing my books more to the public.

By Amelia Bartlett on Unsplash

Each month I'll be setting out a poll or working on a theme based on the book. Whether it be talking about creating the book cover or how long this book should be. I don't have a set time for how long I'll be writing the book, but hopefully, everything will be done and completed by mid-next year. I am trying to work slower on this book to start building a reader audience for the series.

Celebrate your writing wins!

You've done something many people can't do, and you should be proud of it. Now is time for what I believe is the most challenging and longest part of the booking process, editing. I think one or two good professional editors are needed for any book, either if it's self-published, traditionally published, or hybrid.

Try to edit yourself too and don't forget about beta readers. They're just as crucial as any editor is. Everyone's editing procedure is different, but I usually do one or two professional editors and share it with some sensitive readers and a handful of beta readers.

How you can stay connected with me and my journey.

Through my Instagram, Facebook group, newsletter, and blog. I will be hearing polls, tips and tricks, and other goodies about how the writing process is going. I want to get in trying new things out and seeing how it works for me.

And hopefully, throughout this process, I'll be able to help others as well through my experiences. I will also be taking a lot more time to focus on creating book four and a reference guide for the fantasy series. That will come later this summer.

Well, thank you for reading! I hope this helps some of you in your writing journey. Best of wishes to you all, and remember live, love, laugh.

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