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Today, and the past two days, my mind has been revolving around fame and having a big name. Well, the general gist is how almost everyone wishes, wants and fights to become relevant and be a known name. Some purely by working hard, others through uncanny means, while others resort to supernatural assistance…all for fame and prosperity. Basically, having your whole life driven by a goal sought after by hordes. But I keep checking the other side of it all, and my heart is left questioning…is it worth it?

Well, here is my pondering. Maybe you could have an answer.

As an author, of course, I aspire for my work to be read the world over and to make an impactful change. The same goes for everything else I put my heart, time, and effort into. But seldom do I think of how my life as it is now would be affected and influenced by such a success. Well, most assume it’s all glitter, glamor and fun, and games. Chaperones, limousines, brand cars, clothing, eating whatever you like, affording everything your heart desires, and being the talk on television, radio, and lips, with multitudes of fans and admirers.

Oh yes, your name is spoken and spelled with bold letters, gifts come without occasion and cameras love you. But is it truly all that rosy and easy a road? What realities lie behind such lives.

For me, the flip side is not as inviting or encouraging. I have come to realize, the bigger the bank account and name, the bigger the problems, too. Be it socially, financially, or otherwise. It seems so worse than just living your normal average or a bit above average life. For example, privacy. I enjoy my privacy the way it is, though even my puny drama spills out and breaks the fence around my issues. It’s a totally different story if you have a name that wags on every tongue. Paparazzi become your forever daunting hunters, capturing and presenting for public consumption and entertainment, even those parts of your life you wish to deal with in the dark. I have witnessed many popular people suffer mental breakdowns from the torture of always being watched and never quite knowing peace. Any mistake or success alike is documented, opening a whole new world of problems when it hits the media. Your life is examined, dissected and various misinformed judgments passed. But because you are big, the magnitude of the hit is catastrophic. You have to abandon dealing with your own head and life, to address those that adore you and feel your actions, though human, are not to be expected of you. Your enemies, too, multiply and include some you do not even know. My heart shudders at memories of those that lost their lives to assassinations by unknown assailants, for unknown reasons except fixation, infatuation, and some fans that have no access to you but wish for closer relations. Imagine the trauma of living in fear and terror daily.

Contracts drive your career and financial obligations to an extent you wish you had the freedom and privacy of an ordinary citizen.

Imagine the insane amounts everything becomes. Once providers, close or otherwise, know you are a money cow. You have to watch and consult on your every decision and step, but still find a smile in all that chaos, every time a camera flashes in your face. You cannot feel, react, act or respond… society sees a purified version of humankind, free of error and personal decisions. The rule of popular demand is your daily guideline.

Sheesh! To think this is only one side of it, there are many aspects to consider, in my view. So far, none of which gives my heart the peace, for sure, that a big name is a paradise we imagine. The other side of it keeps tipping my scales.

What do you think?


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