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Here is one I wrote;


Day in day out I find myself searching…

Sometimes I know what I am searching for, other times I have not a clue about what to do.

Am I fulfilling the purpose I was placed here to fulfill?

Or am I off track once again?

I look for strength, power, comfort, and a provider.

Most of all, I search for answers, discernment and wisdom are what I need.

The guidance I long for seems so hazed.

If I scream, would I be heard?

Frustration endures, I am so sick of being human.

I want to know, but there is little sign of showing.

Is it today?

Is it tomorrow?

Or another time?

Is this world laughing at me?

It sure seems every time I look to cross the highway, yet another vehicle approaches.

Will I be stuck at this crossroad forever?

Elise Smith©

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