Do you know your anger? By Snehashree

Updated: Mar 7

Guest writer for "The NZDream" blog

There was a beautiful girl out there in the park, reading quietly. I sat close enough to her since the park was unusually crowded. I could not help but notice she was reading a book on anger management.

“You don’t seem like a person who can get angry, ever?” I could not stop myself from saying it.

“Sorry, I could not hear you. Are you talking to me? She looked around to confirm.

”Yes, yes, I saw your book and then your face and could not stop asking.” I smiled back.

“No, I do get angry and strangely, when I do, it can be really bad. I have hurt myself twice and then, of course, depression and guilt would follow.” She quietly approved.

“But, your face is quite calm and indeed very serene.” It was one of the calmest faces I had ever met.

“Faces lie, they say. But again, it could be since I accept getting angry. I accept it and hence work willingly to change it.”

“Even I have heard faces lie, but vibes don’t, do they? Auras, I mean?”

“Maybe” she shrugged her shoulders and smiled broadly at me.

“Well, I have one more question. Am I not a stranger to you? I asked her back.

“You are, and I talk to anyone like you since I run an anger management class. If you want to join, you’re welcome.” She smiled.

“How can you teach something you suffer most from?” I was really surprised.

“Who else can talk best or better than me. I am a living testimony and I know almost every inch of anger.” She smiled back again.

“Yeah.” I agreed and acknowledged her words. I took her card and went back to my life and home.

All this while, I kept wondering what I was going to do with the card. I was never angry without reason. I also believed every person has the right to be angry when something wrong happens to them.

But then I thought of visiting her class for a day.

What I can say is, when I went to her classes, I learned a lot about anger?

Repressed anger, different expressions of anger, anger control, and tricks to converting anger into something more creative were different techniques I least from Nirvana.

What I learned from her classes was far more than merely counting backward, squeezing happy balls, and using punching boards to ward off anger.

Anger is cast as a sin in many cultures and also treated as a quality in some others. When harnessed the right way, it can go a long way with you.

I also understand if there was a better way to vent anger, there wouldn’t be so much violence all around.

I learned when we can see anger the way she saw it, we would realize there laid a whole world in it. Anger was a false world that could be pricked easily with a small pin.

I decided to assist her with her work since I realized she was doing a great log of work there. In between, she taught me about anger every day.

Do you know how to control anger; do you know what you must do? What do you do to control it? Do you consider anger control just another process? Should people show support for their anger or should you divorce from it?

Leave your comments below and we can take it further.

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