Do you feel abandoned? by Elisabetta Somaglia

Updated: Mar 7

Guest writer for "The NZDream" blog

Everyone could feel abandoned in his life.

There are children abandoned when they are born. There are children who suffer abandonment because their family is not able to raise them up and social services remove them for their safety and to assure a better life. There are poor families that prefer to leave their children to another family, hoping for the best for them. There are too many young mothers who can't choose because their parents choose for them and abandon the baby.

Now… we must say that all those children suffer, suffer for their whole life. They feel a hole, a lack, even if a good adoptive family will grow them up and they care for them. But we must also know that several children who continue to live inside the original family suffer abandonment. Not all parents can raise a baby and several others could do, but they are stopped by the laws or by their own family.

Why? How can we solve this terrible problem? That is not simple at all. We should change our mentality, we should think about love more and more. Everything could be solved with a lot of love. First of all, if you think your daughter is too young to raise a baby, think about hers and the baby's future. She will never forget her child, even if you don't allow her to see him. And the baby will never forget his mum, even if he grows up with another good family. A poor family, too. Maybe they decide to give a new chance to their baby, but neither of them nor the baby will forget their emotional bond.

I have no solution of course, but I think I have some suggestions: no one must feel abandoned since several times a mother doesn’t leave her baby voluntarily. Even if the baby has been abandoned, he must not feel so and we must say, we have the most to let them know the truth. Just a few cases are really abandonment; the others are forced and I’m sure either the mum or the baby should like knowing each other and meeting during their life. So we must give them this opportunity! That is a right and not only when they are women or men but before! They have the right to know the truth, to know the causes of the present abandonment.

That could seem sad, but no! It isn’t! It must be a cry to love, to recognize love between mother, father and babies every time, in every situation. It wants to be an invitation to babies and parents to believe in relatives’ love. Never give up, never lose the hope to meet your baby or your mother or father.

Love in unerasable!

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