Calling all Harry Potter fans

Meet Sarah Fulton

Sarah is a fanfiction writer on Wattpad, she is only 19 years old and a very talented writer.

Check out this link to read her work

Sarah has written four chapters and adds to these regularly.

SMUT 18+ READERS ONLY (contains sexual content, language, drugs, violence, mental health awareness) 


You have finished year 6 at Hogwarts and you are staying at the burrows for Christmas holidays you have been best friends with Ron Weasley since you were little you are now 18 years old, Fred and George are 19. You like both of the twins but you can't decide who you want until everything changes in 1 night. 

I've changed the a few things up as I didn't want to write smut about the characters under 18. 

All the characters are 18 years old I've also mixed up the movie plots as I want to put things from the movies in this story. I'm not just writing smut either there's gonna be a few things I'm covering like mental health awareness and drug use so there are TRIGGER WARNINGS so please beware.

I hope you enjoy :)

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