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"Johnathan" By Richard Brooke and Elise Brooke is live tomorrow 31 July on Amazon, available in ebook and paperback.

Thank you to Del Gibson, Alma Gonzalez, and Nya Ando for your reviews.

Johnathan is a superbly written book about a young boy's journey, fears, feelings, thoughts, and tribulations through World War 2. His relationships with people, and his abandonment issues, are relevant to such a tremulous period in our history are well delivered. We see the main protagonist character Johnathan grow from a five-year-old on the day the war begins, to the end of the war and through to early adulthood, where we see him overcome adversity. This is a great perspective of the war through the eyes of a child. It has some poignant moments and a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The suspenseful scenes carry us through until the end. I would recommend this to a Young Audience and it is relatable to that age group. Fantastic book and I look forward to seeing the published copy.


Del Gibson

​Being a fanatic reader, a good story is something I always look forward to. "Johnathan" surprised me quite pleasantly a touching story of a boy who tries to find his place in the turmoil of the war. WW II stigmatized our world, and some of the wounds it left behind are yet to heal; nevertheless, Richard and Elise Brooke uniquely touch the subject through that boy's struggles. Highly recommended! Best regards,

Nya Ando

Alma Gonzalez

Please head over to "Johnathan's" page on this site to read more about this book.

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