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I grew up in Wisconsin with a deep passion for exploring the world; I knew that this culture I had found in Wisconsin wasn't the world. I left home at 18 and joined the Army. In the Army, I was an Airborne Ranger with the 1st battalion. I was deployed to Korea and Afghanistan. After leaving the Army, I moved to NYC to pursue a career in acting. Having appeared on the small screen and multiple “Indie” works, I finally built up the courage to write for publication. I try to write about the little things, the things people take for granted and don't notice how busy they are.

I write fiction, and every story that I write has letters in it. There is something so personal, so intimate about a letter that I always find ways to incorporate them. I also tend to write stories with a mental health side to them as well.

I have one Published book, “Dear Monica” on amazon. My second is with the editor right now, and my third I just started last week.

Dear Monica is a collection of letters written by the main character “Charlie” to his wife “Monica” after she leaves him. She was his “swiss army knife”, his best friend, lover, and partner, his whole world. He writes her trying to find himself again, something that he had outside of their relationship. The letters end up chronicling their relationship and his battles with depression, anxiety, and alcoholism.

The other two books are mostly about relationships as well. A husband and wife trying to hold things together while he is deployed in Afghanistan, and a new couple surprised to find love in a modern world. Those I’ll be able to say more about when they are published.

I went the self-publishing route. I didn’t even submit to a publisher; I enjoy writing and having my stuff out there. I figure if it is good stories and people enjoy them, they will be found by others and so on. Maybe one day, a few novels deep a publisher will come to find me.

I typically market my work through Facebook, Instagram, and ads. It goes okay for a first-time author, nothing to write home about but enough to stay encouraged. I use Amazon paid advertising and giveaways mostly to advertise. It does go well.

What inspires me mostly to write is life, I love life and consuming it. I feel that there are such beautiful stories just waiting to be written at any moment.

I try to write every day, writing never really seems to be that challenging for me. I don't have too many moments of writer's block. I try to get stuff down on paper and if I hate it I’ll erase it, but maybe it will spark an idea or another direction so I think it's important to write it.

Writing is not my full-time job, I wish. I'm also an Actor, and I host a Wisconsin sports podcast called “Wisconsin in NYC”.

Currently, I’m having my second novel edited and starting to write my third.

My Target audience is people who love deep stories. Specifically deep love stories. I try to just write and figure out the rest later.

I found out I loved writing at an early age. My mom went to jail when I was a child, and I wrote a journal of her being gone. I ended up throwing it away. It was a pipe dream to be a writer where I grew up.

I can typically finish a novel, not including editing in a month and a half. That includes 3 hours a day of writing, though.

My family loves my writing. I write slightly poetically and so it was a shock to them to read some of it early on, but they've gotten used to it now.

I think what makes a good story is realism. Even if a book is set in a fantasy world, can the reader enter that world and make it feel real. That's what I try to do with every story. Let the reader live in my characters for 200 pages.

Link to book.

It has been a pleasure interviewing this talented writer who writes from the heart.

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