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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

This is how Adrienne wrote and shares her stories.

I had always intended to tell the story of my upbringing in the UK and how I came to be living in New Zealand 72 years later. I think it is important for people to tell their stories so future generations can learn how life was for their grandparents and before them. We all have a tale to tell. However, I was prompted to write my story earlier than intended when a life-changing situation came to light. A secret was kept, as they often are, but ten years later that secret was told and a certain person did not like it, he did not like it at all. From then on, a vicious act of revenge was undertaken. I encountered dealings with the Police, Lawyers, Courts, Social Services, Mediators. Was it worth it? Probably not but I continued my battle to bring the light a whole array of issues including elder abuse, financial and psychological, the misuse of powers of attorney, waste of police and social welfare agency time and resources, and the way in which some family members act when inheritances and endowments are involved. The story began in the UK but it did follow me to NZ. My Brother My Enemy is that story; it is available from in digital format and also as a paperback in the UK and from me. I sell regularly at markets–over 1500 copies. It reached No. l in the best selling list in its genre on Amazon. As I do not class myself as a writer, I got some help from Chris Birt who wrote All The Commissioner’s Men about the Crewe murders. I think he did a good job. I have also now brought the book out as a novel, The Inheritance Thief, maybe thinking it might be more appealing. I have had a number of magazine articles printed in New Zealand, Greypower and Family Care being two, and I have given a number of talks locally in Taupo and in Rotorua. Now I have two magazine articles in the UK with 50 Plus Magazine and Seniors Lifestyle Magazine. The problems I encountered are not new, but the way in which they were handled is, I believe, unique. It was not simply a matter of getting a senior person to change their Will, that was not necessary. A cunning plan was executed to systematically cut ten beneficiaries out with only one “winner”.

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