Affirm Your Truth: Speak It! Believe It! Wear It!

Updated: Feb 10

Guest writer Sheryl Mays

To stand unapologetically bold, confidently moving beyond your fear and walking into what might seem impossible… Affirm Your Truth. I believe we have a champion within us; it might have been silenced, or repressed by our past events, leaving us both fearful and doubtful, but it is there. This week I did a thing, a thing far beyond my expectations, beyond anything I have done in the past. It scared me, kept me awake at night, and for a brief moment, I thought, who am I to do such a thing?

Then it dawned on me. I was made for a time such as this. I was given gifts, talents, and a spirit of fearlessness. You see, inside of me also lives a champion that was silenced by my own doubt, fear, and lack of confidence. We experience these feelings when we are attempting to swim upstream when everyone else is going downstream.

One day I was watching TV with my 1-year-old granddaughter. Her favorite show is Sesame Street. Why not? They have colorful characters, trendy songs, and fun dances. At this age, she is unaware of the lessons embedded in each song, story, or conversation. She just loves the characters! I, on the other hand, was amazed at the level of content shared with the kids. It was on this day I learned three affirming statements as they were teaching children about critical thinking (an adult term for what was being taught). For kids, it was about being creative and working together.

At the end of the show, I immediately wrote down the three statements they shared. I Wonder, What If, Let’s try. I then applied them to our adult thinking. I wonder if I’m worthy of this level of success. What if no one responds and I fail? You see, this is where the term ‘affirm your truth’ comes into our work of self-awareness. I could have rested in those thoughts of doubt, remaining scared and feeling empty. But I remembered something…Success Leaves Clues. I took a journey back into my past events, those experiences that gave me permission to have excuses, to doubt what I’m capable of, and to forego my dreams of achieving something incredible. Then I realized it was that champion within me that allowed me to get through my past events, that allowed me to rise the next morning, that gave me hope and joy when I thought my due season was never going to happen. Then I wrote the final statement…Let’s try.

So, I did. My goal is to reach one million individuals. Encouraging them to affirm their truth. To be unapologetically bold, confident, and walk into what might seem impossible. All the while, remembering there is a champion within you. It got you through some of the toughest experiences, the most embarrassing moments, the tough nights, the loneliness, the disappointments, the fears, and today it wants to free you. Free you from all those devastating moments of disbelief.

So, my friends, Affirm Your Truth. Speak It! Believe It! Wear It! Make a visible statement to the world. And when having thoughts of doing something amazing, ask yourself two questions. Before, they were filled with doubt. Now reframe them and fill them with purpose. I wonder why I haven’t before. What If it goes better than expected? And then finish with this, Let’s Try!

I invite you to visit my site and view my Affirm Your Truth Series and Collection. It uses the most powerful tools available to ensure you speak your truth for your life, your relationships, and your business. Help me reach one million individuals, let them speak, believe, and walk into their impossibilities with confidence, being unapologetically bold.

Until the next time, walk in confidence and Affirm Your Truth.


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