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My name is Elise Brooke. I have for the last twenty-five years been a writer of nonfiction articles, biography, fiction, nonfiction content, poetry, children’s writing, and screenplays. I am the owner-operator of “The NZDream blog” and four times, prize-winning, published author and content writer. I have a diploma in Creative writing and a certificate in English Language, basic computer, marketing, and website creation skills.

Most recently, since February 2019, I have been coaching students from the Wellington Polytechnic and privately from home in developing their writing projects.

I have strong skills in honesty, confidentiality, planning, and goal setting. Office, computer, writing, telephone, and customer care I am able to put myself in another’s shoes, practicing reliability and punctuality. I am a fast learner able to work independently or as a team. I enjoy making a difference in people’s lives and the world, through my writing work, networking, and volunteering.

I work part-time from home as an author and freelance writer. I have published part one and two of my autobiography in 2019/20, part three is coming in 2022. The book series is called “The New Zealand Dream.” I have co-authored my late father’s memoir called “Johnathan” released this year 2021, July. I have also published short stories, “A dilemma,” “My Circle of Life,” “Hidden Agender,” “Culture Shock” and “Home Makers,” and “Stargazing” which won a local writing award in June 2021.

I have developed my own website and blog called “mynzdreamblog”, which I am building a following for. Here I interview authors, write articles, short stories, and resources for my readers and host guest writers.

I consider most writing jobs having written in travel, nonfiction, essay, articles, content, and creative writing in multi-genre for many websites.  Samples are available on request.

I guest post regularly for “Leveraged writings” and “Brummet's Conscious Blog” platforms.


In 2018, I achieved a goal to spread my wings and help the animals in our world. Combining this and my passion for travel while discovering my South African roots. I joined Global Volunteers organization traveling to Kuwantu game reserve in Sibury by Port Elizabeth.  Here I worked on a big five game reserve, gaining experience working with animals. This experience opened my eyes and changed my life.

I have volunteered in 2016 with Tepuke intermediate school prior to this in Vanuatu with setting up school programs.


Key achievements:  I have brought up my 17-year-old son and 20-year-old daughter as a solo parent.  My daughter Sarah was born with special needs, Add, Dyslexia, dyspraxia, and Irlen’s syndrome. I’ve spent a lot of time doing volunteer work with her half-siblings, three brothers who have intellectual disabilities, autism, asspergese, dyslexia, and Add.

Whilst doing the above, I ran my own home/mobile business, doing beauty services, makeup, and color analysis, called “Your Image”. I gained valuable business skills. I still use them today, transferring these skills into my writing, volunteer work, and life. For example, managing, communication, budgeting, organizational, goal setting, planning, people, and study skills.

I worked as a nurse and support worker full and part-time after selling “Your Image” business.  I did this for eighteen years before deciding to concentrate on a writing career since 2014.






2021 Nov wrote and published “The Search” a poem

2021 Nov wrote and published “Freelance Advice for beginners”

2021 Oct wrote and published “Choosing Love”

2021 Oct wrote “Healing through writing” for “”

2021 Sep wrote and published “20 ways to promote”

2021 Sep wrote and published “Healing through tattoos”

2021 Aug wrote and published “Blogging Tips”

2021 Aug wrote and published “Why Hope”

2021 July wrote and published “What’s it like living with fibromyalgia?”

2021 June wrote and published “Body Image”

2021 June wrote and published “How to make money as a freelance writer”

2021 May wrote and published “Escaping a narcissist”

2021 May wrote and published “How to create a basic web page”

2021 April wrote and published “Everyone has a story to tell”

2021 April wrote and published “Be aware of a narcissist”

2021 April wrote and published “The power of poetry”

2021 March wrote and published “Why write your story?”

2021 March wrote and published “Goal setting and visualization”

2021 March wrote and published “The cycle of abuse/violence”

2021 March Wrote “Circle Of Life” for “truestorieswelltold” Sarah White

2021 Write and publish monthly newsletters for “mynzdreamblog.” This is ongoing.

2021 Write and publish fortnightly articles for “mynzdreamblog.” This is ongoing.

2021 Write, publish and edit interviews for “mynzdreamblog.” This is ongoing.

2021 Edit and publish guest writers articles for “mynzdream” this is ongoing.

2021 Feb Started writing for “Leveraged writers” “Self-love,” “Goal setting,” “Setting boundaries,” “Grief and the grieving process part one and two,”  this is ongoing.

2021 March published “Stargazing,” winning a local short story award with “Writing Sparks.”

2021 March Started writing for “Brummets Conscious Blog” this is ongoing.

2021 Wrote and published “A Dilemma,” “My Circle of life,” “Hidden Agender,” and “Homemakers.”



2020 Wrote and published “Self-Love”

2020 Privately coach clients with writing projects, this is ongoing.

2020 Wrote “The New Zealand Dream, The healing”

2020 Wrote and published “You will Never Take My Soul” published on “Melissa Desveaux consulting”

2020  Wrote “My Circle of Life” essay, published on “mynzdreamblog”


2019 Work for Whitieria Polytechnic, student mentor.

2019 Marketing and social media management for “mynzdreamblog” and author platforms, this is ongoing.

2019  Wrote and published “The New Zealand Dream,” Growth and destruction by Sheila Smith my pen name.

2019  Wrote and published “The New Zealand Dream,” The seeds are sown by Sheila

2019  Creative writing diploma Whitireia Polytechnic


2014  Health care Bay Of Plenty Polytechnic

2010  Management New Zealand Institute Of Management

2005  Business Te Wananga O Aotearoa Sustainable School of Business

2004  Business Chamber Of Commerce

2003  Computing and business administration Waimarie


Certificates, reviews and references available on request


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