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2. Two hours $50

3. Four hours $100

Usually $50 per hour


Take your memoir or writing project from just an idea to a professional manuscript ready to publish!


Discover strategies to organize your memoir or writing idea, leverage your time, and get your book written so others can gain and learn from your experience.

Could you use some guidance in shaping, developing, or refining your story or writing project?

I can be your writing coach, we will decide together how to best organize your story. Issues covered may include how to start, structure, characterization, audience, style, and redrafting. 


A coaching program is for you if you want to organize your memoir or writing project idea, leverage your time, and get your book written so you can help others gain and learn from your experience.


If you are struggling with the desire to share your life experience with others, complete your writing project, and don’t have a clue where to begin ... then a one-on-one, personally tailored coaching program is for you.


If deep down the idea of writing a whole book has you completely overwhelmed and your calendar is maxed...then a one-on-one, personally tailored coaching is perfect for you.


If you’re burning to write a memoir about your personal experience, but fearful of how others — usually family and/or friends — will react ... then a writing coach is what you need.

If you've been thinking about writing a memoir ... or you have already written a few stories and want to take your book to the next level ... perhaps you are stuck on a writing project.... then you've come to the right place

If you are a student stuck on a writing project.

Do you want:

— To share learned lessons, challenge overcome, or adventures

— To write your story or complete your project well.

— Information on writing dialogue, scene structure, and character development when you need it

— Someone you can rely on to give you feedback and encouragement so you know you’re on the right track.

— To see your memoir or writing project successfully published


I’m Elise Smith and I’ve been where you are — it took me 10 years to finish writing and get my memoir published!

Along my path in life, I have met many people from all corners of the globe and from different walks of life. I have met people who are hurting, people who are trapped in a place they do not want to be in, broken, and desperate people.

As I started to talk to people about my life, my challenges, and healing, they told me that by sharing my story with them, they realized they were not alone or the only ones. This started their own healing journey and has even saved lives.

How would this make you feel to do the same?

Writing my stories was like diving into the dark abyss, turning on-the-spot light, grabbing my demons around the throat, and diminishing any power or hold they had over me once and for all.

What would that be worth to you?

To be free, healed from your hurts and strongholds, no longer living in fear.

Trust yourself. You’ve experienced something that others are eager to learn from. You can’t keep this desire to release inside of you forever.
The world is waiting.


Everyone has a story to tell.


Writing your story can be very healing and rewarding. Even if you only ever write for yourself and do not publish.

Writing and sharing my story has given others hope and inspiration, and proof they are not alone. I have been able to turn what was meant to kill me into what has made me stronger.


I have over 25 years of experience writing and a Creative Writing Diploma.

Please see my references and credentials page.

I started writing at a very young age. I kept journals of my thoughts and feelings from ages 7 to 22, this was more helpful to me than a counselor. I used imaginative writing exercises in primary school to escape the world. The teacher would put a piece of music on the record player and ask the students to write a story the piece of music brought to mind. An excellent visualization technique I still use today. Music and writing to me are as important as the air I breathe.

As I grew older, writing has been a form of therapy. I chose poetry to release my emotions, fears, worries and joys. I continued to use writing in my adult years. Writing is like my best friend, always there for me, never judging me or leaving my side. I have faced many battles, abuse, violence, health, and pains. And I have celebrated love, joy, and praise with writing. Something about writing it down on paper has given me release and my power back, leading me into healing.

I have turned my tragedies, sufferings, experiences, tears, and loss into hope and inspiration for myself and others by writing and sharing my story. I have written and published my life so far. My books are called “The New Zealand Dream”, The seeds are sown and Growth and destruction. I am publishing the last book in this series this year, The healing. I know how alone one can feel on their life journey. I hope to remind you, you are not alone and you are not the only one through sharing my story.

I now use writing to help others to find their healing and share their own story. I guide and mentor people in the writing coaching I offer, the first hour totally free

Not one person on this earth has somehow made a change without having a story to share and why they do what they do. I want you to be confident in writing your story so you can be successful in however you are going to create change.

Writing has set me free, it can set you free too.

Elise Smith (Brooke)

Let's talk about where you are right now with your writing project


Let's have a chat to talk about your project and see if coaching is right for you and if you and I are a good fit to work together.

After all, you and I would both be making a significant investment in the completion of your writing project or memoir.

You’ll be able to send me current pages of your writing, I’ll review them, and together we will be able to identify and outline the next steps.

We’ll have a conversation about your publishing options and determine the path that’s right for you.

We’ll also talk about the marketing options that are available to get your book in front of the people who will benefit most and want to read your story.

You’ll have full email access to me, where you can submit specific questions and get personalized answers.

Please email me at elisebrooke771@gmail.com

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