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My name is Sheila, I grew up in Hawkes Bay NZ. My parents moved to NZ from England and South Africa, to create their New Zealand Dream. This New Zealand Dream quickly turned into my New Zealand nightmare.


I escaped a world of abuse, mental health issues, self-hate, a religious occult, gangs, domestic violence, divorce, learning difficulties, and death. I came from surviving to now thriving. I wrote this book to give hope and inspiration to others. 

Please see my article in my blog by The Gisborne Herald for my full story.

If you would like to write your story and need help, let me know and I can coach you through it.


My passion is creative writing. I’ve been writing for 24 years in fiction and poetry. I have written and published two autobiographies in my book series "The New Zealand Dream,” by Sheila, my pen name. In between projects, I do freelance writing, content, and article and coaching.  

I host guest posts on my site, see the tab for more information. I also publish interviews with authors. Drop me a line if you are interested.